Watts Water Technologies Canada (The Detection Group)

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Watts Water Technologies Canada (The Detection Group)

The Detection Group (since 2006) is the industry leader in wireless water leak detection for commercial and multi-family buildings with its cutting-edge, FM Approved TRIDENT technology...the gold standard for water leak detection. We currently protect over $60 billion of property and over 600 buildings across North America. Our TRIDENT wireless water leak detection system reports the precise location of water leaks 24/7 in real-time and can protect any type or size building because of our proprietary technology's extended communication range, reliability and built in redundancy. Our technology can be deployed anywhere inside a building and is easily installed in existing buildings and new construction. The TRIDENT solution is economical to install and maintain and a offers excellent ROI.

Some of the benefits of our enterprise system include the ability to;

(i) mitigate the risk of damage from water damage,
(ii) manage your buildings from anywhere.
(iii) ESG applications by tracking water consumption in real-time,
(iv) easily create accurate and comprehensive reports to stakeholders in the event of a leak (i.e., owners, tenants, insurance companies, etc.)
(v) improve productivity by allowing you do more with existing personnel while reducing the risk of human error through automation,
Some of the features of our system include the ability to:
(i) monitor pipe and ambient temperature to prevent damage from freezing,
(ii) monitor water flow in real-time with historical data available,
(iii) quickly and accurately alarm and notify in case of hydrocarbon leaks.
(iv) receive customizable real-time notifications for alerts and alarms,
(v) add an unlimited number of buildings to a single customer profile,
(vi) add automatic shut-off,

We take pride in working hand in-hand with our customers to ensure every installation is tailored to their specific needs and is always ready to respond instantly to a leak anywhere, anytime, to avoid disaster. In 2021, The Detection Group joined the Watts Family of brands. Watts offers world-class, water-related solutions. This partnership with Watts will allow The Detection Group to dramatically expand our leadership position in minimizing the risk of water damage.

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Stephen Sanchez - Business Dev Manager - ssanchez@thedetectiongroup.com
Company Contact
Curtis Wondra - National Sales Manager - curtis.wondra@wattswater.com

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5435 North Service Road, Burlington, ON, Canada
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L7L 5H7
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