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Eugeria is a Canadian company that sells innovative products for seniors, particularly those living with dementia (Alzheimer's).

The latest innovation to be brought to Canada by Eugeria is the Tovertafel. The Tovertafel is an interactive projector that uses light and games to stimulate seniors living with dementia. Created in 2015 in the Netherlands, the Tovertafel improves the quality of life of residents, increases happiness at work for care staff and is a fun activity for families to do when they visit.

With more than 30 games specifically designed to stimulate residents socially, physically and mentally, the Tovertafel helps communities provide person-centered care to residents with mid to late stage dementia. Check out to learn more, attend a webinar or request an in-person demonstration.

Curious to discover more innovative technologies to help your residents living with dementia? Eugeria's online catalog carries a variety of useful products, such as robotic pets to provide companionship, pill dispensers to help with medication-taking, adapted games for cognitive stimulation and much more.

Eugeria’s team provides free product advice to caregivers and works closely with day centers, hospitals and long-term care homes who are looking for dignifying products. The online store Eugeria, carries tried and tested products for dementia.

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Company Contact
Valerie Larochelle, CEO & Founder,
Company Contact
Marie-Anne Bazerghi, Chief of Growth and Innovation,
Company Contact
Dominique Gautier, Care Solutions Advisor,
Toll-Free Number
+1 855-554-3742

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497 - 4020 St Ambroise St, Montreal, QC, Canada
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H4C 2C7
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