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Amba Health and Care Canada Ltd.

Amba is a technology company that specializes in enhancing the living experience of residents in senior living communities.

Amba is a discreet monitoring system that uses sensors and AI to track health and wellness indicators such as sleep patterns, activity levels, and medication adherence. This approach allows residents to maintain their privacy and independence while ensuring that staff are informed of health, wellbeing, and safety changes.

For senior living communities, Amba raises the standard of service by enabling them to position themselves as forward-thinking, resident-centric communities. Additionally, Amba uses AI to anticipate future incidents by identifying issues that may not be immediately apparent. This predictive analysis provides proactive alerts about potential problems, allowing senior living operators to address risks before they escalate into emergencies.

By partnering with Amba, senior living operators can lead the creation of aspirational, resident-focused communities where senior living is synonymous with wellness, independence and quality of life.

Kristen Parsons, Executive Director at Tiffany Village, said, "Amba has been a game-changer, alleviating stress and reducing the workload for nursing staff, the care team, and the families".



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