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ConsidraCare provides a comprehensive senior home care solution, including traditional nursing and PSW care through our own team and utilizing a marketplace model to provide additional services such therapy, dietary consultation, and more. We are present in 6 cities in Southwestern Ontario and one international market. We have built our own proprietary technology platform that automates all aspects of managing a senior care business, from onboarding and managing employees to developing and managing care plans for clients. Our innovative app provides real-time guidance to caregivers and real-time updates to families enabling delivery of high-quality and transparent remote care. Through our platform, we also offer opportunities for retired and immigrant entrepreneurs to partner with us, enabling them to build their own senior care businesses within their communities.

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Saba Tauseef, Co-founder,
Company Contact
Tauseef Riaz, Co-founder,
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60 Queen Street East L14, Brampton, ON, Canada
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L6V 1A9
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