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Aroh Inc.

At Aroh, we believe Wayfinding signage is about more than just directing people to where they need to go.
It is also about communication and efficiency, understanding what information your residents and visitors need, and what information your operation needs to communicate. Using specialized products for unique markets, we create signage that achieves all these goals – in an informative, yet complementary style that enhances any design and décor.

With more than 25 years of experience in Wayfinding, we bring best-practice knowledge to every project. We have developed a deep understanding of how specific markets work given our extensive involvement in a significant number of projects
across Canada.

Leveraging what we have learned while continuing to focus on crafting meaningful design, we continually create better Wayfinding communications strategies.

Beyond Aroh’s solid foundation of knowledge, creativity and experience, our team is energetic, dedicated, and motivated – ensuring successful completion of every project, every time!

Please check out our AROH in Action page for the latest designed and implemented projects.

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