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Trillium Med Village

Trillium Med Village is the premier health care agency in Ontario and surrounding areas. We provide a wide range of medical and non-medical care services. Our company is passionate about caring for individuals and especially seniors and those in need. We thrive to ensure a better quality of life for our elderly clients and their families by providing dependable and affordable care services.

We aim to deliver personalized care by actively engaging with our clients and caregivers as well as the myriad of different communities we serve.

Contact Information

Company Contact
Dr. Kavitha Siva, Director of Operations,
Company Contact
Mr. Prashanth Kumar A, Director of Human Resources,
Company Contact
Cone Mantilla, Administrator,
Toll-Free Number
+1 (866) 896 1205

Company Information

10 Milner Business Court #801, Scarborough, ON, Canada
Zip/Post Code
M1B 3C6