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MediSuivie Inc.

Medisuivie is the Canadian distributor of CarePredict – maker of the award-winning Tempo™ Series 3 smart wearable for seniors.

Developed by data scientists, engineers, nurses, and physicians, CarePredict’s advanced and discreet health monitoring system uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to collect a wealth of objective data on the daily habits of residents, including ADL scores (meal frequency and duration, quality and duration of sleep, walking, frequency of bathroom visits, exposure to sunlight, etc.), weekly and monthly averages, and deviations from the baseline. The platform then translates this information into actionable insights that allow caregivers to intervene quickly to avoid a potential deterioration in the health of residents.

In addition to enabling preventive and proactive care, CarePredict’s AI-powered platform system also helps assisted-living, memory care and independent living community administrators optimize workforce productivity and, through improved efficiency and quality of care, better control operating expenses and increase ROI.

CarePredict's innovative solutions have proven incredibly effective in improving the quality of care for seniors in living facilities across the United States, supported by a number of peer-reviewed studies. Most notably, the system has helped reduced falls by 69%, unplanned hospitalizations by 39%, and increased staff responsiveness by 37%. It’s a prime example of how new technology can positively impact the lives of seniors, while bringing peace of mind to their loved ones.

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