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For over eight years Align Home Health Care/Align for Seniors has been providing the sector's most resident/staff focussed Long Term Care & Retirement offering. Our Resident Mobility offering continues to include, cleaning and maintenance clinics, regular homes visits, no charge parts and labour, education and team support, removal of obsolete equipment and more..

Now, Align proudly includes Align Talks in our partnership program. Using QR technology and accessible by ANY hand held device or tablet, Align Talks will ensure you can easily locate missing leg-rests, footplates or headrests and get them back to their proper owners. However Align Talks is so much more than that. Linked to our operating systems, Align Talks can provide information on chair type, age, vendor, warranty information. Need more? How about service history, cleaning clinic history, repair status, technical notes and parts ETAs. Still more? Equipment weights (including seating), owner's manuals and even videos on cushion care. Can't be more? Sure there is…we can attach our codes to your slings, lifts, commodes etc. Align talks can allow your team to easily track your equipment, service histories and communicate next steps and avoid issues.

Align Talks is more than a QR code - it can help your residents stay safe and comfortable and save your staff literally hundreds of hours in lost time. Contact Align for a no obligation listening session on how we can help.

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