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WP Innova

Count on WP Innova for a wide assortment of affordable film, foil wraps, containers and dispensing systems. We have an unmatched ability to supply what you need, even if it’s hard to find.   Our Canadian-based operations and low minimum requirements means you get only what you need, just in time.

You can rely on our unbiased approach and expertise in recommending the right solution every time.

Our WrapMaster film and foil dispensing system improves food safety and staff efficiency while saving you money.   Ask us how you can get one for free.     WrapMaster@WPInnova.com

Contact Information

Company Contact
Michael Howell
Toll-Free Number
(800) 957-8886
Fax Number
(905) 568-9399

Company Information

5725 McLaughlin Road, Mississauga, ON, Canada
Zip/Post Code
L5R 3K5