Tecogics Scientific Ltd – Ex N’ Flex

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Tecogics Scientific Ltd – Ex N’ Flex

Tecogics Scientific is the Canadian manufacturer of the Ex N’ Flex line of motorized range of motion medical therapy devices.  Based on proven Passive-Active therapy, the Ex N’ Flex family of products provide range of motion therapy to those affected by limited or no mobility.

Founded in 1991, Tecogics Scientific is an Ottawa based manufacturer committed to the quality and adaptability of our products. Ex N’ Flex machines are recommended by therapists worldwide and can be found in more than 600 Long Term Care facilities in Canada and  in more than a dozen countries worldwide.

Contact Information

Company Contact
Rob Clarke, Managing Partner, rclarke@exnflex.com
Company Contact
Andrew Goodwin, Managing Partner, agoodwin@exnflex.com
Toll-Free Number
(833) 396-3539
Fax Number
(613) 699-6559

Company Information

18 - 2596 Edinburgh Place, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Zip/Post Code
K1B 5M1