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From red eyes to home visits, from kitten heels to construction helmets, we’ve been leaders in the senior housing industry for over three decades. We got there the only way we know how – one deposit, one building, and one uncompromising goal at a time. We passionately believe that prospects should be treated like people, and we won’t stop until every older adult is seen and valued as the beautiful, messy, intelligent human being they are.

Sherpa lets senior living professionals do more of what they love: guiding seniors and their families through life-altering change with compassion and care. We go further than any other technology solution in empowering leasing counselors to intuitively help prospects step-by-step through the emotional obstacles they face.

By tracking how sales teams spend time selling, our CRM quantifies the correlation between emotional connection and increased occupancy. Our client partners across the U.S. and Canada increase conversion rates and fill communities every day by putting Sherpa technology at the service of helping seniors.

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