ResidentNow Technologies Inc.

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ResidentNow Technologies Inc.

ResidentNow Technologies Inc.

ResidentNow is a technology provider bringing together features for residents and property managers into a single, responsive application designed to increase resident satisfaction and drive occupancy.

The ResidentNow platform consists of a friendly, easy to use and comprehensive app for the resident (available on iOS and Android) and a simple property manager dashboard available on web.

For senior residents, the app helps drive a sense of community amongst residents with features such as an in-home social feed, shopping, culinary options and many more.

For property managers, ResidentNow unifies senior housing operations into one simple dashboard, drives incremental revenue and grows occupancy.

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    Sajinth Sivanathan, COO,

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    Vik Westermann, CEO,

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    15 Lower Jarvis Street, Toronto, ON, Canada
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    M5E 0C4



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