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Onterra Energy Advisors

Onterra Energy Advisors works with multi-residential property managers and REITS, long term care and retirement homes (1-300 buildings) offering: Electricity Price Optimization (utility managed) significant electricity savings for accounts over 50kw peak demand. Index electricity contracts for Tier 2/ TOU RPP electricity accounts under 50 kw peak demand (low margin pricing, avg 5-15% savings), Fixed/ Index/ Bundle T natural gas (advanced purchasing strategies, low margin), Cogeneration - significant savings on some of your electricity load based on your thermal load profile, usually 50-65% (no cap outlay, PPA, guaranteed savings like a physical hedge - you don’t own or operate).

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Company Contact
Catherine Bryenton, Managing Partner, catherine@onterraenergyadvisors.com
Toll-Free Number
(877) 991-5971

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101 - 130 Bridgeland Avenue, North York, ON, Canada
Zip/Post Code
M6A 1Z4