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Medipense Inc.

The Medipense mission is to develop new technology products for our aging population, that reduce cost, reduce morbidity and increase quality of life through better adherence. Our products are designed to be simple to use for seniors, yet secure and feature packed for caregivers and health care providers.

Medipense is the inventor and manufacturer of RxPense®, an integrated, secure, multilingual, intelligent and connected pill dispenser, medication management and remote monitoring system designed for Seniors, Chronic Care Patients, Disabled Veterans, Indigenous Peoples and those with complex medication regimens.

Remaining at home longer, staying independent, being self-sufficient is very important to our aging society. With the RxPense® medications are delivered at the right time. Should a dose be missed, caregivers are promptly notified. To learn more about the Best Pill Dispenser for Seniors, visit the RxPense® or contact us today.

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