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Keeping customers and associates safe is our top priority!

Help keep your customers and employees safe!

As administrators, managers and entrepreneurs, we all agree that the Covid-19 has changed our lives forever. We can also agree that our most important resource is our team; We can't operate without them. The pandemic we are currently experiencing has the power to shut down our businesses temporarily or in some cases permanently by the simplest inadvertent transmission of an invisible killer by an unknowing team member.

A colleague business owner and I were talking a few months ago as he was sharing with me that for the first time in his life, he felt like he was losing control. He felt like he no longer could ensure the long term livelihood of his 20 employees. The next few days and over the weekend, his words kept ringing in my head but finally on Monday morning, I woke up to an idea. I had figured a way to minimize the impact the COVID had on not only my colleague's business but most business. I was all excited, I was going to help him find a solution!

That's when I got to work. I started making calls, making plans and looking for the best parts available on the market today. Many sleepless nights and all my personal assets later... here it is; the solutions to return control over to my friend on the longevity and profitability of his business. I like to think of it as an insurance policy but opted to call it the MedCore360.

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