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Advantage Care Pharmacy Services

London Medical Pharmacy (commonly known as LMP) is a collection of independently owned pharmacies founded by husband and wife pharmacists, Hesham and Amany Abdelsayed. They began their careers with a simple vision - work hard, always focus on the patient, follow-up and repeat. Little did they know; this simple routine would be the template for so much more in the future.

Since the beginning, LMP has strived to offer support to everyone and anyone who needed it . With this vision in mind, they opened the doors of their first pharmacy at 1135 Adelaide St. In London ON in 1998. This store laid ground for the basis of what every other store would become: a safe place for patients to receive care through education and owners/staff willing to go the extra mile. A place where the main goal is about quality of life. As a result, LMP has since expanded their pharmacy services to include addiction treatment, medical buildings with urgent care and walk-in clinics, pharmacy services for LTC and retirement facilities and much more. Over these past 20+ years, LMP has grown to over 15 pharmacies with branches in London, Woodstock, St. Thomas, Windsor, Niagara Falls, and Greater Toronto Area - With plans to expand further. However with all the changes, Hesham and Amany never forgot their simple routine "work hard, always focus on the patient, follow-up and repeat".

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Agata A. Nowicka, VP, Marketing & Business Development

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1619 Dundas Street, London, ON, Canada
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