Jaide Products Inc.

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Jaide Products Inc.

Established in 2018 Jaide Products Inc. was created to bring a much needed client transfer aid to the North American Market. Originally branded as the “rotunda” by enableaid in the UK,  Jaide products Inc. offers the Canadian version called the “roturner”. The roturner is manufactured in St. Catharines, Ontario by Niagara Precision Limited.

Jane Buunk and Debbie Whatling are the proud owners of both Jaide Products Inc. and Niagara Precision Limited. While Jaide Products Inc. is a new company, Niagara Precision Limited is a ISO 9001:2015 registered machine shop in business since 1975. Together, building and distributing the roturner to the health care industry, we are committed to providing the safest most practical way to transfer a patient safely.

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    Debbie Whatling

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    Jane Buunk

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    (905) 682-4880

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