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Hogan Pharmacy Partners

Hogan Pharmacy Partners offers a provincially-recognized, award-winning model of pharmacy services with a collaborative model that puts Residents safety and wellness first by ensuring their medication-safety in Long-Term Care by providing Automated Dispensing Cabinets, 24-7 Telepharmacists and In-Home Pharmacy Technicians.

Our goal is to offer long term care and retirement homes a better model. One where working together, we can create an exceptional experience for residents and their families.

Bring Hogan Pharmacy’s Concierge-Level Pharmacy Services to your Senior Living Home today!

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Becky Agar, Vice President, bagar@hoganrxgroup.com
Company Contact
Sarah Aird, Pharmacy Manager, saird@hoganrxgroup.com
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704 Eagle Street North, Cambridge, ON, Canada
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N3H 1C3