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Heygo is a live-streaming tour platform with the simple goal of making global travel—in all its glory—accessible to anyone, anytime. With over 3,000 interactive tours broadcasting live from 70 countries and counting, Heygo creates transportive experiences by empowering the world’s best guides to share their favorite places—from Paris to Patagonia—with a global audience who can chat and snap postcards as they enjoy their journey together in real-time. Free to join and backed by tips, Heygo brings the world closer together around easy virtual travel that’s as real as it gets.

Contact information: Alessandro.frau@heygo.com / https://www.heygo.com/

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Alessandro Frau, Senior Account Executive, alessandro.frau@heygo.com
Company Contact
Lewis Holloway, Sales Executive, lewis.holloway@heygo.com

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27 Old Gloucester Street, London, UK
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