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Environics Analytics

At EA, we have Canada's largest collection of high-quality, actionable data, covering demographics, consumer expenditures, and lifestyle information to understand key consumer segments and where to find them at the hyper-local level. This helps retirement homes reach potential new residents, understand how to reach influencers with the right message and media mix, and to understand amenities needed for each of their locations, based on the local characteristics of the market.

EA works with partners all across the insights, marketing and activation ecosystem—collaborating to help you understand who does what and helping all of your key suppliers and stakeholders work together for your success.

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Michele Sexsmith, Retail Sales Consultant Michele.sexsmith@environicsanalytics.com
Company Contact
Stephanie Brown, Senior Vice President Stephanie.brown@environicsanalytics.com
Company Contact
Tanishah Nathoo, Director Business Development Tanishah.nathoo@environicsanalytics.com
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Suite 400 33 Bloor Street East, Bloor Street East, Toronto, ON, Canada
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M4W 3H1
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