Else Labs Inc.

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Else Labs Inc.

Else Labs Inc.

Else Labs is building the future of autonomous cooking in every kitchen. We are passionate about food as much as we are passionate about technology. Building futuristic technologies for the kitchen while preserving familiarity is a challenge we decided to take.

We first invented Oliver by else, a robot chef that replicates stovetop cooking at home. After receiving so much interest from the commercial industry, we introduced The Oliver Fleet. This is a commercial kitchen solution that is versatile and compact, making the processes smooth, efficient, and streamlined.

Else Labs boasts a comprehensive team of product designers and engineers and business experts, and culinary specialists. As a full-service company, we build our hardware, software in-house. We are proudly Canadian and our products are assembled in Ottawa. Our culinary team leads recipe development and is capable of adapting recipes and menus to meet our clients food production needs.

Our mission is to leverage technology, robotics, and culinary expertise to give individuals and culinary teams their time back, with consistent and high-quality meals.

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Company Contact
Cydney Laughton-Eagan - Business Development Lead - cydney@elselabs.io
Company Contact
Brianne Fodor - VP Marketing and Business Development - Brianne@elselabs.io

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70 Bongard Avenue, Ottawa, ON, Canada
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