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Digital Seniority

In the crowded world of digital marketing, Digital Seniority shines as a specialist for the Senior Living & Care field, blending deep knowledge of senior needs with smart digital marketing skills.

We focus solely on this area not to be exclusive, but to show we really know our stuff. Digital Seniority was born out of a desire to improve the choices seniors and their families make, connecting them with the right residences.

Every service we offer, from getting seen online to creating websites that work well, from smart advertising to emails that engage, is carefully made to connect with seniors and their families.

Our strategy is never one-size-fits-all. For every client, we craft a unique plan to fit your specific needs.

What truly sets Digital Seniority apart is a holistic approach which consistently delivers successful lead generation and move-in outcomes for residences of any size or age.

This method involves an empathetic understanding of the emotional, physical, and financial intricacies faced by seniors and addressing them proactively.

We make informed decisions based on robust data and employ the latest digital innovations to achieve our goals.

Digital Seniority's founder, Anneline Breetzke, embodies the company's mission. With a rich background in both digital marketing and a personal connection to the challenges faced by seniors, Anneline envisioned Digital Seniority as a bridge between two worlds. This personal touch is palpable in our work.

Each project isn't viewed as a mere contract but as an opportunity to make a difference.

Here's a list of what we do best in marketing for Senior Living:

- Web Design & Development: building websites that turn visitors into leads
- SEO: helping your site show up on search engines
- PPC Advertising: running effective Google Ads with no wasted spend
- Paid Social Media: advertising on Facebook and other social platforms
- Branding & Rebranding: keeping brands fresh and engaging
- Graphic Design & Print: designing for signage and print materials
- Email Marketing & Automation: nurturing leads through emails
- Web Accessibility: ensuring compliance with AODA
- Strategy & Consulting: our expertise at your disposal
- Digital Audits: checking over your digital marketing efforts

In short, Digital Seniority is more than just a digital marketing company. We're a dedicated team with a clear vision and mission. Our goal is to elevate senior care in the digital realm, ensuring that decisions are informed, choices are plentiful, and the journey is as fulfilling as the destination.

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Anneline Breetzke, President & CEO,

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610 - 2967 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada
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M6P 1Z2
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