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Acecon General Contracting Inc.

Acecon General Contracting Inc specializes in projects within the time-critical Industrial-Commercial-Institutional construction sector with a strong emphasis on the highly technical health-care construction market.  Having completed numerous projects, Acecon is amongst the most prolific commercial contractors in the province of Ontario.

At Acecon we engage in the construction of new industrial/commercial/institutional projects as well as renovations of existing locations.  Acecon is experienced in erecting structures from demolition/foundation to completion.  We execute projects through a variety of delivery mechanisms to suit our clients’ needs.

Put your trust in us.  Acecon is known for paying its subcontractors and suppliers on time and without hassle.  This is a proven fact within the industry.  With a safety record second to none, Acecon is proud to have zero lost time claims ever reported on any of its projects as well as no involvement in any construction lien cases.

Including Acecon in your tender will lead to reduced quotes compared to other participating contractors as we deliver very competitive pricing on construction projects.

With general liability insurance for up to $10 million and bondable projects up to $10 million in construction value, Acecon’s effectiveness is excellent.  To date there have been zero claims to our insurance or bonding company for losses suffered by any party, on any of our projects.

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