A2Z Medical, a subsidiary of A2Z Wholesale Inc.

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ASTM Mask-912×383

A2Z Medical, a subsidiary of A2Z Wholesale Inc.

A2Z Medical and MOKI products specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of medical supplies, PPE and equipment. Our mission is to help businesses help their clients. Proudly serving Canadian customers for over 50 years, we are always adding to our product lines. A2Z is the Canadian distributor of DeRoyal for fall prevention products and the exclusive master distributor of POSTsilver in Canada. POSTsilver is an innovative, cost-effective infection control technology for hard surfaces. High quality products, reliable, responsive, competitive pricing. Contact us to find out how we can help you! Visit www.mokiproducts.com and www.postsilver.com

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    John Pietracupa, Senior Account Executive, john@A2Zcanada.com

  • Company Contact

    Ishan Singh, CEO, hello@a2zcanada.com

  • Toll-Free Number

    (866) 383-8447

  • Fax Number

    (514) 383-4999

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