Picnyk Senior-Centric Devices

Picnyk Senior-Centric Devices The Picnyk system is a WIFI based closed digital ecosystem for connecting seniors’ to their family, friends, community and facility. Our dedicated senior’s tablet easily facilitates group and individual video communication, text messaging and phone calls. Inherently, the Picnyk architecture safeguards seniors’ from spammers, telemarketers and other unwanted parties. TV and movie
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DrumFIT Inc.

DrumFIT Classics: Music, Motion & Memory is a unique program, designed for Seniors, that uses movement through drumming to benefit both the mind and body.  DrumFIT Classics is a great music social that encourages participants of all ability and mobility ranges to socialize and move together for brain and body health.  Participants benefit from improved
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Estate Risk Protection Plan Inc. (ERAssure)

ERAssure educates Canadian families about solutions to avoid potential estate administration difficulties that may result in family tension, estate delays, and potential legal expenses.